Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rescuing the world, one day at a time

The world is a strange place, full of good and bad intermingled such that it is not always possible to tell where one ends and the other begins.The beauty of sunshine in summer, for example, which kills many people each year. The refreshing feel of cool water, which floods and drowns those in its way. The warmth of a fire, which destroys forests and homes.

There is much about the world that is broken and ugly; much that hurts; much that makes one despair and want to give up. In this life, though, we must do what we can to help and to heal. It seems an impossible task, and indeed is, if looked at in its whole. There is much that can be done, however.

Consider the gentlemen named in the title of this blog. All three of them have brought more beauty to this world, more joy and more justice. They have, in their own ways, improved the world and made it just that bit more pleasant and civilised to inhabit.

You may think that this is somewhat overstated; after all, we are not all such outwardly impressive people as they. There is truth in what is said, though, that a seemingly tiny action can have repercussions beyond imagining, for good or for bad. A kind word, at the right time, may save a life.

We all have our own particular talent, whether it be academic, creative, or interactive. We can all use this to bring just a little more beauty to the world. It may be broken and suffering, but it is never beyond hope. Whatever we do, let us strive, somehow, to contribute to the mammoth task of healing it, day by day.

Alone, it is a hopeless task.

Together, we can make the world a better place.


  1. You're so right. These blogs make the world a better place. They make my day #niceonelibrisdedito

  2. I hear you, Libris. People need creative outlets just as much as people need to enjoy creative content. It's a cycle that no one should try to break; just enjoy it, and do what you can to make other people smile.